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Stormdrain was founded in 1995 in San Jose, California by vocalist and composer Scott Reyns as an industrial rock / pop music recording project. In 1996 it grew into a full live band, performing at clubs in the San Francisco Bay area, often appearing on bills with bands like Diatribe, Switchblade Symphony, 187 Calm, Battery, and 16volt. Additionally, Stormdrain's original songs began getting placed in TV shows such as ABC and MTV Networks' Making the Band, also in film projects such as Mirimax's Phantoms and the documentary 10 mph. Stormdrain also has done soundrack work for indie films such as "Evil Beauty," which additionally featured a cameo by Scott Reyns. Reyns sometimes also does sound design for games such as Aftershock SF's social game Mafia Live!.

In late 2004, the act put out the EP "The Immovable Objection" as its first commercial release. It can be found on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. Scott Reyns has kept to paid (work for hire) projects as a musician and actor since, but in the wake of leaving San Francisco for a remote location in the Sierra Nevada mountains in 2022, is now revisiting the majority of Stormdrain's as-yet unreleased material. Along the way, with consideration given to new, blockchain-based distribution platforms. Stay tuned.

Stormdrain is always on the lookout for project collaboration oppportunities. If you're seeking help with music production, sound design, songwriting, etc., please send an inquiry to

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